Ben Siemon talks S1E2 – “Canvassing”


We’re back with the second episode and incredible guest Ben Siemon (Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Adam Ruins Everything, Freak Dance). We’re talking the second episode (originally NOT the second episode) of Parks and Recreation S1E2 “Pilot” where Leslie tries to get people to come out to her community forum, and it goes poorly! We talk about how the first season of P&R is less than perfect, and maybe just skippable and cringy. Plus, we all share unpopular opinions, and Ben comes in hot with which Sister Act is best. And we speculate on the size of penises of our friends. And Ben treats himself with a Whopper Meal, and we play some game, and have a great time. Episode two, DONE. Take an iPad on your way out.

Season 1, Episode 2 – Canvassing  Written by Rachel Axler, directed by Seth Gordon, original Air Date April 16, 2009 available on Netflix and Hulu