Becca Scott talks S1E5 “The Banquet”


Becca Scott (Geek & Sundry, Comedy Bang Bang (Featured Extra), Go90 Series Tween Fest) gets a new haircut to join the episode. We cover our thoughts on the first season of P&R, through conversation about The Banquet. And we talk about how Stephen Colbert definitely has a night time assistant to take notes on his night thoughts, and how our parents reacted to our wedding engagements. Plus, Stephen reveals that he’s constantly be pranked by waiters, Alyse comes up with driving personality for cars that drive themselves, and Becca talks extensively about vaginal anatomy.


Fan art of the episode by Sam Spratt with a piece called Ron Swanson : United States of Swanson Edition

Season 1, Episode 5 – The Banquet  Written by Tucker Cawley, directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller, original Air Date May 7, 2009