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Knowing is Half the Podcast; The GIJoe Cartoon Show Recap Show!
Gina, Chan, and Ray watch all of the GIJoe cartoons and break them down hilariously!

What could be more Halloweeny than ghosts, ripping off masks, and deeply uncomfortable charges of racism? Nicole Villela sits in for Gina and special guest Amy Spalding has brought us a classic episode of Scooby Doo!

Not that it’s all her fault – she suggested Scooby Doo and Chan went looking for the WORST episode. Did he find it? Listen and find out! It was made in the late ‘60s if that’s any clue.

This one’s got it all! Entitled white girls, insane car chases set to bubblegum pop, and just when you think “Okay, well maybe this episode isn’t so bad,” here comes the Chinese restaurant bit! It’s wonderful. It’s awful. It’s wondawful!

Amy is a legit author, so check out her stuff at www.theamyspalding.com. Or, why not buy her books from our Amazon link? Thanks for listening!

Scooby Doo with Amy Spalding
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