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Knowing is Half the Podcast; The GIJoe Cartoon Show Recap Show!
Gina, Chan, and Ray watch all of the GIJoe cartoons and break them down hilariously!

Clearly we’ve lost our minds. Despite no record in the feed of us ever having done Stormshadow, we’re all pretty certain we’ve done it. Which is probably fine because Ray thinks he’s in a gritty KIHTP reboot anyway.

We’re answering listener questions this week! Questions are always welcome – just leave them on our Facebook page. In this episode, we learn about puns, our favorite vehicles, and Gina introduces tells us about her hemorrhoid solution that is … simply terrifying.

F/M/K is a trio of baddies this time: Pierre LaFonte, Andre Velocite, and Osabesa. Who would you pick? Who did we pick! Find out as you Like, subscribe, Follow, pledge, and shop at Amazon using the link on our Boardwalk Audio page. Thanks for listening!

Know Your Joe 221: Stormshadow (again?)
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