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The Show!

Knowing is Half the Podcast; The GIJoe Cartoon Show Recap Show!
Gina, Chan, and Ray watch all of the GIJoe cartoons and break them down hilariously!

Oh, you do not want to see what we look like this early in the morning. Cynical Chan, Enthusiastic Ray, and Effervescent Gina become Incoherent Chan, Surly Ray, and mmmrrrhh hmmmffggg Gina. But we soldier on as should you!

There’s a twofer in this week’s F/M/K. Who would you choose between Serpentor’s 5000-year old snake, Chekhov’s BAT, and the duo of Leatherneck and Wet Suit. Spoiler: We all agree, but it takes a little convincing.

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Know Your Joe 219: B.A.T.
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