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Knowing is Half the Podcast; The GIJoe Cartoon Show Recap Show!
Gina, Chan, and Ray watch all of the GIJoe cartoons and break them down hilariously!

Special guest Nicole Villela takes us back to a magical time where bloated celebrity egos were best stroked by turning them into strangely unwatchable children’s cartoons. Yes, the ’90s!

Bruno the Kid stars a pint-sized version of Bruce Willis who also happens to be a top-notch secret agent, but really it’s just an excuse for Willis to continue his “blues” career. Yes, those air quotes are intentional, though opinions differ on whether what he plays can be considered “blues” or if, in fact, it is the death knell of the entire genre.

We’re in Egypt! France! The Orient Express! And Detroit! Yes, fabulous Detroit, home of such notable cultural locales as that wrestling ring where they hold chess matches with robots! For reals, you guys, this one is bananapants crazy.

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Bruno the Kid with Nicole Villela
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