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Knowing is Half the Podcast; The GIJoe Cartoon Show Recap Show!
Gina, Chan, and Ray watch all of the GIJoe cartoons and break them down hilariously!

It’s Thanksgiving and what better way to celebrate it than with a bunch of space aliens! I mean, Native Americans! Yes, we’re doing a Bobby’s World – the classic ’90s cartoon centered around Howie Mandel’s stand-up creation.

And we’ve got writer Sara Clarke-Chan who, as you would expect from a cartoon podcast, talks extensively about breastfeeding! Also, see if you can hear at what point the Lions game ends and Ray actually engages in the podcast! And listen as Gina tries to explain why Bobby isn’t a self-centered prick!

This episode is the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks for listening!

Bobby’s World with Sara Clarke-Chan
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