76. Dave Theune & Doing Comedy On Your Own Terms


We’re back! 2017! Will this be the only podcast I record all year? Who knows! Today on the show, it’s Dave Theune. Los Angeles improvisers may know Dave from the legendary Bangarang, or Sassy Bluff, or Midbest, or his run with Bonafide on Maude Night. And, all the TV watchers may have seen dave on Brooklyn 99, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day Special, or in 1000 commercials. Dave flips the script on me today, and starts asking me questions. And in turn, I divulge too much information about my life and this podcast. But, not before taking a second to have Dave talk to me about straight manning, and doing comedy on your own terms. Plus, we talk a bit about Dave’s personal journey in improv, and the merits of short form improv, which Dave wants you to know, he loves.


On a personal note, thank you for all the people who listened to the smatter of episodes released last month. I’m always blown away by how many of you are out there, and your thoughtful feedback on the show, and what we talk about in improv.