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The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.

Becky Drysdale is on the show! Improv fans will know Becky from the Hebecky Drysbell, Elephants Gerald, Baby Wants Candy, and Brand New Ball. You may also know Becky as the benevolent landlord of The Clubhouse. Plus, she’s written for Baskets, and Key And Peele. Becky talks about finding her place in improv, writing and keeping her career growing, her goals and wants for The Clubhouse, and even a good bit on how to actually DO improv. Guys, this was a great episode, if you liked this episode, tell a friend about it! Listen! Rate! Review! Share! Enjoy!

71. Rebecca Drysdale & Doing It Your Own Way
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