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The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.

Harrison Brown stopped by the show! You know Harrison as the host of The Cagematch at Upright Citizens Brigade Los Angeles, maybe you’ve seen one of his famed air guitar, drum, and high-fiving solos. Also, Harrison is the host of Tuesday Night Thunder, and he was on early UCBLA Harold Teams, MacGuffin, Perfect Crime and Panama. Harrison and I chat about what is the element required for your best shows. We also talk about the origins of Tuesday Night Thunder the value of indie shows and the boom of the indie scene. Finally we discuss whats the deal with Cagematch. Rate. Subscribe. Comment. Review. Donate. Enjoy!

45: Harrison Brown
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