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IMDweed is a stoner movie review podcast hosted by Jessica Androsky and Kelly McInerney. Each week, they bring a guest on — usually a comedian or entertainer — smoke them out, take them to the movies, and discuss it immediately after. They discuss movies currently in theaters, but also throwbacks and original movies from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. You don’t have to enjoy smoking weed to listen to this funny podcast — does it help? of course! — but you should enjoy movies. Some episodes are silly, some can be serious, but all of them are fun. Who knows, maybe that one episode will entice you to watch a movie you never thought you’d want to see. Head on over to www.imdweed.com for more information!

In the ninth episode of IMDweed, Edgar Momplaisir l joins Jessica and Kelly to watch and talk about the HBO Original movie The Wizard of Lies. Pretty interesting movie about Bernie Madoff but we still don’t know HOW DID HE GET AWAY WITH IT FOR ALL THOSE YEARS?\
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IMDweed Episode 9 – The Wizard of Lies w/Edgar Momplaisir
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