#14 The Independence Day 2: Insurgence w/Tyler Stephenson


Happy 4th or well 5th of July! In Episode 14 we messed up a little, like true Americans aka idiots, and celebrated way too hard by forgetting to post this on Tuesday AND screwing up the episode number in the intro — we’re sorry but JUST wait until you have a listen to this fun ep. Jessica and Kelly ring in America’s birthday with their pal, non-American/actually-Austrialian, Tyler Stephenson to get stoned and talk about Independence Day 2: Resurgence. It was just as shitty as you thought, because no Will Smith and I guess plot and everything else that goes with a good movie. But it is still a really fun episode and makes you realize — hey maybe if aliens invaded in 1997 we would have a female president by now. Enjoy!


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