22 – Season 3 Begins! Time To Settle Uranus, Or A New Beginning? Act 27 Of Crystal!


On the run from the law, Minhdzuy and Omar kick off the third season of the podcast by stealing a tour bus to start their campaign to win the position of high chancellor of Uranus. But they soon discover that campaigning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you don’t really like the planet you’re on. Is it finally time for them to leave Uranus? They ponder that question as they dive into the brand new Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, which has begun to make the shift back to the 90s. Everything is all new! Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune finally make their appearance. The Infinity Arc, most well-known from Sailor Moon S, has finally begun, and everyone is so excited by the changes. Is it as good as the 90s anime? Better than the rest of Crystal? Plus, Minhdzuy and Omar join the Boardwalk Audio network, where they try to get people to use Amazon through their link. This link: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=heysailor-20!