Put Your Hats Together, There’s A Baby On Board With Scott Thiede


This weeks guest is Scott Thiede! Scott is an improviser and a sketch writer. You can see him at the Clubhouse every 1stand 3rd Thursday of the month with the show Goosh at 7pm. He also has a show coming up at UCB Sunset on Earth Day- The Earth-Gina Monologues, which is in the style of The Vagina Monologues, except it’s all about the terrestrial experience and how man has suppressed the land and sea for far too long. It features a killer cast giving monologues as our very own Earth.

During our time on the big red couch we go over:

A woman who gave birth mid-flight on Turkish airlines at 42,000 feet! She and her baby are both healthy and well back on land.

Pope Francis has opened a free laundromat for the homeless people of Rome. He also plans on adding showers and a barbershop to the facilities.

It’s possible I have already showcased this business, but Muzzicycle is a Brazillian company that recycled plastics to make bicycles. They use almost 16 tons of wasted plastic a year! That’s 5 tons of C02 emissions that are no longer going into the atmosphere. They have a crazy waitlist for their bikes but I hope that won’t stop all of us from buying one!

The gofundme of the week (it’s actually and indiegogo this episode) is a group of students who are raising money for the Knoxville YWCA. Their goal is super attainable and the YWCA is great so I thought it was a good little one to give a shout out to.

Thanks to a recent decision by the Court of Appeals, civil rights laws now protect employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation. This is in large part thanks to Kimberly Hively, a math teacher who has been fighting since 2014 against the discrimination she received during her employment Ivy Tech Community College.

Scott is from Bethesda, Maryland and the city seems to be very excited that they are getting a Target downtown.

Animal corner has put a brand new spin on Zoos for Hannah. 6 different zoos have helped rescue species from their extremely endangered status. She still doesn’t support the LA Zoo. That place is a circus.