53. When Bad News Reminds Us To Find The Good With PJ McCormick


Hello! And Good News! This week I have on guest PJ McCormick. PJ is an improviser (and former Pro Wrestler!) in Los Angeles. He was most recently on the UCB Mess Hall team Bomb Pop. PJ is one of my favorite performers here in LA, and I have never had a dull conversation with him. This week we discuss the light and the dark side of life, both in the stories we touch on and PJ’s own life experience, and how ultimately empathy and appreciation for living in the moment are lessons that lot of us humans learn the hard way. Don’t worry we also talk about J. Lo and the timeline of her career. So join us as we sit on the big red couch and discuss:

  • A grandfather in New Jersey who forgot he bought a lottery ticket and then a year later realized he had the winning numbers!
  • The world’s first negative emissions plant that is turning Carbon Dioxide into stone instead of emissions.
  • A man who found a missing teenage girl, who had been kidnapped from her house, and gave the reward offered to him back to her.
  • Positive News put out a great article on the idea of ageing and some of the people defying it’s stereotypes.  
  • A young man from PJ’s hometown is setting out on a worldwide motorcylcle journey following the death of his close friend, while raising money and awareness from Crohn’s Disease in honor of her.

PJ and I wrap up the episode talking about his own story and how tragedy can also lead you to empathy and gratefulness. We talk, as I do every week, about living in the now.


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