50. Smiles, Shoes, and Horse Visits With Veronica Gruba


It’s Hello! And Good News’ 50th Episode! This week’s episode features Veronica Gruba! Check out her blog at veronicagruba.com, and if you live in Los Angeles you can see her around town performing at The Clubhouse and other indie shows with her team Rebel Without Applause, Totally Heather, and Tyrant.

Hannah and Veronica hang out on the big red couch and talk about:

  • The Flying Seagull Project, a group of performers, musicians, and artists who travel around the world to refugee camps, hospitals, shanty towns and classrooms to bring entertainment and happiness to children undergoing difficult times.  Check out this video featuring them on BBC, it might make you cry.
  • The Shoe That Grows, an organization that provides shoes to children in need. One thing that makes this shoe special is that it is adjustable and can grow up to five sizes and lasts for several years.
  • Aeric McCoy, a heroin addict who was living on the streets of Baltimore who found a woman’s purse and wanted to return it. He travelled all the way across the city on foot to bring it to her and, when he did, Kaitlyn Smith rewarded him with some new clothes, a sleeping bag, and a ride home. During the car ride he told her his story, and she vowed to help him get to a recovery center in Florida. She paid for his plane ticket and now he is celebrating over 100 days sober. Kaitlyn also put together a gofundme to help Aeric get re-started on his landscaping business once he has successfully finished his outpatient program.  
  • Animal corner features a horse in a hospital! North Devon Hospice Center, brought in a horse as a surprise for one of their patients in his final days at their center.
  • Veronica is from Enumclaw, WA and this summer the school district provided free lunches to children who needed them even when school was not in session.


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