47. A Humble Bundle of Good News With Matt Apodaca


This week’s episode features another favorite recurring guest, Matt Apodaca! Matt is an improvisor and comedian here in Los Angeles. You can see him on Harold Night at the UCB Theater and around town doing other sketch and improv shows. Matt and Hannah will both be performing in the Seattle Sketch Fest on September 23rd. If you live in Seattle, get tickets to Totally Real Friends!

Hannah and Matt hang out on the big red couch and talk about nonesense, Apple products and really good news:

  • The cruise ships are killing it again this week in terms of good samaritanism. Carnival Cruise Lines gave 2 Million Dollars to support Hurricane Harvey recovery and just pledged another 10 million to support Hurricane Irma victims.
  • Humble Bundle, a game content provider, donates part of its proceeds to charities. The cool part is that it lets the consumer decide how much of their money goes to the content creators, host site, or charity. The second cool thing is that they just reached a benchmark of 100 million dollars donated to charities, a number they said they hope in the future will seem small.
  • An orthodontist in Vermont is giving away free braces to children who show involvement in their community and schools.
  • Animal Corner starts with the news that the Snow Leopard has been taken off of the endangered species list and moved to vulnerable. We also talk about Cashnip Cat, an office cat who snatches dollar bills from behind a glass doors. The office than donates the money to the Tulsa Center For The Homeless.
  • Matt is from Downey, CA where the organization Drumming For Your Life was created. This organization uses drumming, music and rhythm as a new approach for teaching children to read. It boosts self esteem and  focus by teaching them to trust in their creativity and natural abilities.

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