45. Combatting Hate and Finding Treasure with Rachel Chapman


This week’s episode features improvisor and writer Rachel Chapman (UCB Theater, The Telephone Show, Inside The Disney Vault)  

We sit on the big red couch and discuss:

  • Combatting hate. Last week’s events in Charlottesville lead us into a great conversation with the help of a resource guide from Southern Poverty Law Center about combatting hate and unifying communities.  
  • Another amazing organization, Life After Hate, a nonprofit created in 2011 by former members of the American violent far-right extremist movement that works to combat hate by working individuals who wish to leave a life of hate and violence and helping organizations (community, educational, civic, government, etc.) grappling with the causes of intolerance and racism.
  • Rachel is from Merritt Island, Florida where an osprey was stranded in a canal after being pelted with torrential rain. The osprey was successfully rescued after it made it to shore, and the footage of it swimming to shore reminds Hannah of a Disney character.
  • Also in Florida is an awesome non profit organization, It’s a Girl Thing, an empowerment group in Jacksonville for ages 11-18 that works to encourage and motivate young girls by providing them with life tools that will ensure they lead productive and successful lives.
  • Animal corner features a Golden Retriever that was digging up what seemed to be treasure in the backyard. What the family thought was a time capsule turned out to be 85,000 dollars of black tar heroine!

Rachel and I wrap up the episode talking about how excited she is to go on a Disney Cruise with her Grandmother!  It’s real good news!


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