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Hello! And Good News

A podcast highlighting the people, places, and current events that are affecting the world in a positive way. Each week Hannah sits down with a different performer/comedian and unveils to them all of the best (and silliest) news she’s discovered. Let’s be honest, the bulk of our news tends to highlight the absolute worst dang stuff going in the world. A lot of it is fear based, repetitive, and goes straight bummer-town. This is not to say that being aware of these events isn’t valid or important, but it is just as important to acknowledge that, most of the time, when bad shenanigans are happening there are also people out there working to make it better. So join Hannah and her comedic guest as they discuss those positive rays of sunshine that are making a difference in the world.

This weeks episode features actress and improvisor Lauren Holt (UCB Theater, Maude Night)

We sit on the big red couch and discuss:
35 Police officers who came together to honor a fallen state trooper by finishing the tree house he was building for his daughter.
The sword of civil war hero, Robert Gould Shaw, which had been missing for decades was found in an attic this month. Shaw led the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, one of the first official black military units in the United States. The sword is now on display at the Massachusetts Historical Society along with other Civil War Memorabilia.

A ten year old boy who noticed a labelling mistake in one of the Dinosaur Exhibits in the Natural History Museum.
Nearly 100k dollars was raised in a local charity fundraiser for the program Camp Hope, a nonprofit that helps veterans suffering from PTSD receive treatment free of charge.

Lauren is from Charlotte, North Carolina and just outside of her hometown is a farm program called Mitey Riders. Mitey Riders is a therapeutic riding program for children with disabilities that has offered comprehensive equine therapy sessions to special needs children at no cost to their families for twenty years. The founder, Harry Swimmer, is now 87 years old. Himself, a staff of seven, and about 200 volunteers hold more than a dozen classes a week for children who are 5 to 17 and have a range of disabilities, autism to cerebral palsy to Down syndrome.

Animal Corner this week features a golden retriever puppy that was born Green!

Lauren and I wrap up the episode talking about friendships, kindness, and that dang social anxiety that we all do our best to combat. It’s real good news!

42. Swords, Dinos and Equine Therapy, With Lauren Holt

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