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Hello! And Good News

A podcast highlighting the people, places, and current events that are affecting the world in a positive way. Each week Hannah sits down with a different performer/comedian and unveils to them all of the best (and silliest) news she’s discovered. Let’s be honest, the bulk of our news tends to highlight the absolute worst dang stuff going in the world. A lot of it is fear based, repetitive, and goes straight bummer-town. This is not to say that being aware of these events isn’t valid or important, but it is just as important to acknowledge that, most of the time, when bad shenanigans are happening there are also people out there working to make it better. So join Hannah and her comedic guest as they discuss those positive rays of sunshine that are making a difference in the world.

This week’s episode features Max Castillo! Max is a stand up comedian who performs around Los Angeles. Catch him in the show Group Shower at The Clubhouse in Los Feliz on August 10th at 8pm. You can also check out his blog, it’s all about golf! Max is hilarious and we have a great episode including lots of good news from his hometown Pensacola, Florida as well as the best animal corner I’ve seen in a minute.

We’ve got:

·     Afghanistan’s version of Sesame Street that introduced a young female puppet aimed at inspiring young girls. They recently introduced another character, her brother Zareek, as a way to illustrate gender equality between the two and show a relationship that demonstrates the importance of respecting women.

·     It’s been a minute, but I found a Go Fund Me of the week! Aaron Tucker who was recently released from a two year jail sentence, became a hero when he jumped off of his bus on the way to a job interview to help with a very serious car accident. A stranger who saw the accident decided to set up a Go Fund Me for Tucker as a random act of kindness.

·     Stepney City Farm and it’s Furry Tales program is helping to support seniors with mental health issues by providing animal therapy.

·     Animal corner features a raccoon who’s head was fully stuck in tin can. He was rescued by New London Animal Control in Connecticut.

·     Pensacola has multiple good news stories! First Tee’s Goofy Golf just reopened after being closed for five years after hurricane damage. Sunday’s Child, a non-profit dedicated to supporting diversity and progressive acceptance in Pensacola just awarded 128,000 to five different non-profits in the area that are leaders in change, inclusion, and equality within the community. Also, the police in Pensacola have started adding a little flair to their social media presence.

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40. Raccoon In A Can With Max Castillo
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