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Hello! And Good News

A podcast highlighting the people, places, and current events that are affecting the world in a positive way. Each week Hannah sits down with a different performer/comedian and unveils to them all of the best (and silliest) news she’s discovered. Let’s be honest, the bulk of our news tends to highlight the absolute worst dang stuff going in the world. A lot of it is fear based, repetitive, and goes straight bummer-town. This is not to say that being aware of these events isn’t valid or important, but it is just as important to acknowledge that, most of the time, when bad shenanigans are happening there are also people out there working to make it better. So join Hannah and her comedic guest as they discuss those positive rays of sunshine that are making a difference in the world.

Episode guest Edgar Momplaisir (UCB Theater, Against The Grain Podcast) joins Hannah to talk some good news. We start by answering the question that has been brought up in other episodes about Salt Lake City and their resolution to chronic homelessness. Unlike what has been said in past episodes, Utah has not actually successfully solved this issue. Hannah goes over an in depth article she found about why Utah got so much publicity in 2015 and what the real facts are. On the good-news side of things however, we talk about what Utah is doing right that may be helpful nationwide.

We dive into the rest of the episode with:

  • The Amani Women Center, a non-profit in Clarkston, GA that helps refugee women resettle in America. They work with the women by educating and empowering them using culturally sensitive tools that contribute to their overall well-being. One of the programs they recently started is called The Sewing Room Project, which aims to provide the women with the skills and guidance to make something profitable. The women make jewelry, skirts, dresses, purses and all sorts of items inspired by their own background and sell them at festivals around Atlanta as well as several boutiques.
  • The Energy Information Administration within The Department of Energy has stated that the US has dramatically exceeded the predictions about the percentage of our renewable energy generation. Based on the first quarter numbers of this year, the U.S. should produce 19% of its electricity from renewable recourses by the end of 2017. According to the predictions from statistics in 2012, we were not expected to reach 19% renewable energy until around 2057.
  • A woman in Anacortes started The Happiness Sprinkling Project when she began standing on the street corner holding up signs of encouragement. Edgar hates this.
  • In New York City, Edgars hometown, a bar is opening called Coup new cocktail bar in the heart of the East Village designed to provide support directly to charities, organizations and campaigns such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Human Rights Watch. All of the bar profits will be donated and the patrons get to choose which organizations they would like their money to go towards.
  • We close out with Animal Corner where a pigeon was caught smuggling a cellphone into a jail in Brazil.

Good News Later Everyone!

35. You ARE a Good Parent! With Edgar Momplaisir

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