31. Costco Sized Cough Drops With Jessica Svendsgaard


This week we have Jessica Svendsgaard from the musical improv team Adele Dazeem.

We talk about:

A family whose truck went down in a flood and the strangers who saved their children’s lives.

We may be moving towards a less disposable economy! People are making more and buying less (outside of the US of course). There is some good news about product packaging!  And the company Braskem from Brazil is working towards creating a sustainable economy and researching renewable resources.

The fundraiser of the week is on indiegogo and puts forth the idea of collecting illegal guns from non-violent criminals in exchange for bail. This is being developed as a way to reduce violent crimes and get illegal firearms out of the streets.

Jessica is from Danville, CA and an art exhibition is opening up showcasing art from members of the Down Syndrome Connection.

Jessica loves birds and I have a great animal corner about a man who has created a retirement home for birds.


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