30. Put It In The Calendar With Oscar Montoya


This weeks guest is the very funny Oscar Montoya from The UCB Harold team Nomi Malone and Maude Night’s The Summer Of . He is a comedian and a dancer, a mover, a shaker, really the only thing he’s not is a calendar maker.

This episode has a lot of stories that are hat tips to previous episodes!

We’ve got:

A tutu protest promoting acceptance and solidarity of the LGBTQ community across the state of Wyoming (including Hannah’s hometown!)


A young boy who found $2,000, returned it, and received an outstanding citizens award!


Planes trains and automobiles! Another baby was born on mass transit!


A Metallica cover band had all of their equipment stolen, and Metallica themselves stepped in to replace all of it!


The Gofundme of the week features Goats of Anarchy! A non-profit for special needs goats, which was featured in a past episode with Jonathan Harris. They are expanding and opening up a second location!


Oscar’s hometown is Palmira Columbia, and while looking for good news, Hannah found a great list of several non-profits that do great work in the country of Columbia!


Animal corner features a beaver that got too chubby to make it through a fence and had to be rescued. As usual, that’s all that really needs to be said about that.


Cheers to another week of positive news stories!


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