28. Exact Numbers With Jake Sprague


This week’s guest is Jake Sprague from the UCB Harold Team Rococo!
Jake and I talk about so many things. The episode is pushing an hour and a half because we cover eight, EIGHT, good news stories. And that’s an exact number.
Here’s what we cover:
· A great-grandmother (you’d never guess it from her photo) whose roof blew off of her home, and the two strangers who have volunteered to build a new one for her.

· The California sun, which is apparently so strong that the solar energy it creates is putting the cost of electricity into the negatives.

· In place of a gofundme of the week, I discovered that a cool way to support education in your community is to a) go to www.edbacker.com and/or b) go to your local schools and pay off some school lunch debt! Every year schools go into debt from providing lunches for the the students who don’t have them. Austin Independent School District just had a great fundraiser on Ed Backer to help pay off theirs.

· Awaken Arts is a non-profit in Los Angeles that uses Art Therapy to help at-risk youth, veterans with PTSD, and they have even gone over seas to lend a hand during natural disasters.

· A small local paper in Iowa just won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing!

· Jake’s hometown Las Vegas had three good news stories! A bourgeois picnic fundraiser (they have private picnic Cabana tickets for sale for $1,000) that is raising money for the LGBTQ centers. A complete kitchen renovation for the U.S. Vets center Las Vegas. And a metro officer who bought a new bike for a young boy who had his stolen.

· Animal corner features a little squirrel named “Put Put” and the ice cream shop that feeds him two small squirrel sized ice cream cones per day. Yes. That’s right.

Also, Jake’s personal good news story will make your heart so dang happy!


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