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Hello! And Good News

A podcast highlighting the people, places, and current events that are affecting the world in a positive way. Each week Hannah sits down with a different performer/comedian and unveils to them all of the best (and silliest) news she’s discovered. Let’s be honest, the bulk of our news tends to highlight the absolute worst dang stuff going in the world. A lot of it is fear based, repetitive, and goes straight bummer-town. This is not to say that being aware of these events isn’t valid or important, but it is just as important to acknowledge that, most of the time, when bad shenanigans are happening there are also people out there working to make it better. So join Hannah and her comedic guest as they discuss those positive rays of sunshine that are making a difference in the world.

This week on the podcast is actor/ writer/comedic performer Eric Feltes, and he and Hannah discuss quite a bit of good news:

A pastor who found a giant, and I mean, GIANT diamond and donated it to his country instead of keeping the profit.

Spring Break is upon us and Grid Alternatives is a non profit that provides little to no-cost solar power for low income families. Over 200 college students from all over have signed up for their volunteer Spring Break program and will spend their vacation installing solar panels across California, Colorado, and Washington DC.

Political tensions have been tight as we are all too aware of. But an awesome facebook live stream shows two opposing Texas congressmen who had to take a road trip together after their flight to D.C. was cancelled. The congressmen become buddies and realize that they agree on more things than they thought they would.

An artist has turned billboards into landscapes that perfectly line up with the mountains they are blocking and it’s beautiful.

The gofundme of the week, features a comedy theater in LA that could use some support!

Eric is from Aurora, IL and we learn about the up and coming Harry Potter Fest in the hometown news section as well as two twins who are giving back to the hospital after their amazing birth story.

We close it off with the animal corner featuring retiree women who knit sweaters for chickens!

Eric is an performer/ all of the good things. He is also a past teacher and current substitute teacher. He is creating a comedic webseries called “the substitute” about a struggling actor who decides to beome a substitute teacher. They have an idiegogo page right now which will be there for the next month. Links to that will be on the boardwalk audio page episode description as well as the facebook page. You can also go to www.ericfeltes.com to find out more about the substitute, he has a great blog there as well.

24. They’re Holding The Future In Their Hands With Eric Feltes
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