21. Happy To Have a Glass With Jen Cascio


This week Hannah has actress and improviser Jen Cascio over. They briefly revisit the best Girl Scout cookie seller of all time from Charlie’s episode with some more accurate numbers. Hannah tells Jen about Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel, the adorable googley-eyed, solar powered, trash eating bug that works hard to keep the harbor clean. (@MrTrashWheel) They also talk about Austin, Texas and the city’s amazing initiative to become a waste free city by 2040! The grocery store In.Gredients is well on their way, creating only 3.74lbs of trash each month! The Go Fund Me of the week features a community working hard to help an artist get back on his feet and recover from homelessness. We then move over to Kenya and talk about Nancy ‘Chela’ Chelagat Cherwon, who is one of female street artists in the country. She lives with other artists and makes a living with her skills. She also works to impact the community around her by sending positive messages through her art, particularly in violent or crime filled areas. To wrap things up the hometown/smalltown news is Hannah’s dream come true because she was able to find a newspaper with a “Police Beat” section, aka-the treasure of the news.