37. Zora Bikangaga talks about respecting the audience while still writing for yourself


Zora Bikangaga may possibly be our most interesting guest to date. This man has been on “This American life” because he pretended to be an Ugandan international student for an entire semester. After committing to the bit for so long he followed his new found love of acting and writing down to Los Angeles. I say down because he’s from Northern California.

Mr. B was a middle school teacher and a social issues theatre performer and talks about using some those real situations to create characters as well as write premises. Which just goes to prove that living a real life is just as important to comedy as being a comedian.

Zora wrote, created and starred in HOA alongside the likes of Horatio Sanz and Cheri Oteri, he freelances for Cracked, he has worked on Drunk History, Adam Ruins Everything and he is a writer for the Upright Citizens Brigade maude team “New Deal”.

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