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Fish Out of Water is a comedy writing podcast hosted by Jeremiah Burton and Ryan Tweedy. Each week they have a new guest join them and talk about various types of comedy writing from television to the internet to live theater. It’s a podcast where comedians get to nerd out about writing comedy and talk about what makes them laugh.

    Our old friend, Hal Rudnick, joins us this week and talks about his process in creating characters and writing sketches. You may know Hal from “The Midnight Show”, “Screen Junkies”, and “Tournament of Nerds” plus he’s been all over your TV and internet. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, Hal is in the next season of  “America’s Got Talent” doing an original character he calls Eric Jennifer.
    Mr Rudnick is a character expert. He would have a PHD from Harvard in character creation – if that was a thing. Hal teaches Character 101 and 201 at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, he also teaches sketch and improv and holds the record with most Harold teams. I believe it’s 6.
    Anywhoo, get to know Hal by:
    Following him on Twitter @HalRudnick
    Watch him on Screen Junkies – https://www.youtube.com/user/screenjunkies
    And Most importantly, follow Eric Jennifer on twitter @EricJennifer007
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    27. Hal Rudnick and creating original characters (like Eric Jennifer)
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