21. Kate Huffman


Kate Huffman, ladies and gentlemen! She is a Writer/Performer for the team Drug Money at iO West and also a Writer/Performer for the team Sidekick who you can see at The Second City. Kate also recently premiered a one woman show called “I’m Too Fat For This Show” which will be having a run at the Los Angeles Fringe Festival June 2nd, 10th, 18th, 19th, and 25th (link below for more info).

Kate was kind enough to talk to us about the process of writing a one women show and all the challenges that come with creating it. She opens up about the emotions that both go into the topics of the show and also feelings that arise that make it difficult to move forward when writing a full piece by yourself.

Then we pitch dick jokes.

A thoughtful, heartwarming story of triumph AND dIck Jokes? What more could you ask for.

Check out “I’m Too Fat For This Show”: http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4586?tab=tickets

Check out Drug Money: http://ioimprov.com/west/shows/drug-money/

Check Out Sidekick: http://www.secondcity.com/shows/hollywood/sidekick/