1. Megan Grano


Jeremiah and Tweedy invite Megan Grano into the studio to talk about sketch comedy and her career path through The Second City in Detroit and then in Chicago and finally joining up with iO Chicago and then iO west. We talk about some of her heroes including Stephanie Weir and Susan Messing. Megan also talks about working with Molly Erdman and Laurel Coppock on their youtube channel The BreakWomb which is a sketch comedy channel based on the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Megan directs the sketch team, Jet Jaguar, at iO west and works with many corporations such as Facebook and famous comedians such as Jim Belushi.


In the inaugural episode of Fish Out Of Water: A comedy writing Podcast we talk to Megan Grano about how she started her career in comedy on the mean streets of a detroit suburb. We also chatted about the importance of creating your own content in the internet age and how to spot a new writer from a mile away.

Here is the link to Megan’s youtube Channel:

Here is the link to the BreakWomb:

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