9. Veronica Gruba & Christianity


Today we have the lovely and very wise Veronica Gruba (Who We Used to Be Podcast) on to talk about her experience with Christianity, specifically with Christian testimonials. Veronica was raised Christian in Seattle and struggled with finding her own Christian testimonial to share her personal religious experience to others. It reminds Cassi a lot of the documentary “Jesus Camp”. Veronica and Cassi talk about the good parts of having religion and faith in one’s life to the areas they think needs improvement like welcoming all types of people, respecting others beliefs, etc. They also talk about Christian megachurches and their “Glengarry Glen Ross” attempt at converting as many people as possible to Emma Donahue, one of the coolest Methodist pastors in Seattle who hosts “Pub Theology”, a meet up where anyone can come, drink a pint and talk religion.

They also talk about how Veronica’s childhood home was haunted, how to detect if your house is haunted or if it’s a faulty air conditioner, bad lighting or carbon monoxide. They also give shoutouts to the movies “The Others” and “The Strangers”, and how “In N Out” has “John [3:16]” on all their takeout bags.

Cassi’s cat Meemo inserts himself into the show and ruffles through a paper bag.


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