8. Charlie Mihelich & The Terminator Movies


Today’s special guest is Charlie Mihelich (Catharsis: Dramatic Improv & Purgatory) and he comes on to talk about The Terminator movies! Cassi had to sit down to watch “The Terminator 1” and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” before podcasting with Charlie because she had never seen them before. Turns out, she loves them! Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and not Howard Langston from “Jingle All the Way” really changed her opinion about him. He’s a total badass as The Terminator! Charlie gets down to business and talks about his love for The Terminators movies and why the newest one, “Terminator Genisys”, is the worst. They talk about the career of rags-to-$1.79 billion-net-worth-riches James Cameron and how “Avatar” and “Titanic” are the top two highest grossing movies of all time. James Cameron directed both films along with “Terminators 1 & 2”, “Aliens”, “The Abyss”, “True Lies”, etc. His married life is not so great but Cassi takes time up top to talk about why all the women he’s been married to are total badasses especially film producer Gale Ann Hurd and film director, Kathryn Bigelow. James Cameron was also briefly married to Linda Hamilton, the actress who orginiated Sarah O’Conner.  The talk of the Terminator movies also gets Charlie and Cassi talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger running for California state governor while shooting “T3: Rise of the Machines”, alternative casting like OJ Simpson was originally considered for the role of the Terminator and Arnold was going to play Kyle Reese. They also talk about the other actors in the film like Linda Hamilton, Edward Fulong, Michael Biehn and the late, great Bill Paxton. Other fun topics include Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Star Wars, Harrison Ford crashing airplanes, Indiana Jones, Rocky and other aging heroes, Shia LeBeouf, Miles Teller and Red Letter Media. Enjoy!