6. Hannah Kanengieter & The Titanic


Today’s episode is everything Titanic with Hannah Kanengieter (The “Hello! And Good News” podcast, LA improviser, actor). Hannah picked the Titanic because she loves the movie and is convinced she died on the Titanic in a past life. This episode is chalk full of quotes from the movie like “You’re so stupid, Rose!”, “God himself couldn’t sink these ship!” and “Full House, boys!” We also get into behind-the-scene facts about the movie such as costs, alternate casting, Enya and how it took the public into an obsessive frenzy. (Cassi had to go to a lot of 6th grade birthday parties that were Titanic screening parties…)

They of course get into the real ship itself and why it was such a historic triumph and tragedy. The sinking of the Titanic forever changed safety regulation of ships and a year after the Titanic sank, these changes in regulation saved it’s sister ship, the HMHS Britannic, from having as many casualties when she hit an underwater mine that was set there at the start of World War I. They also talk about how whiskey saved a lot of lives, the circumstances of the sinking and how the Titanic made the grave mistake of not having any cats on board which was considered good luck. Yikes!

Hannah and Cassi also get into airplane and cruise ship life hacks, getting in touch with your emotions and crying during movies like the “Titanic” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, as well as Elon Musk’s Simulation Theory and do we have free will, 90s kid commercials and other forgotten kid movies like the Ewok movies, “The Gnome Mobile” and “Opus and Bill’s Christmas Special”. It’s a fun, nerdy time!


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