45. The Room, The Disaster Artist & The Real Zach Olsen


“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!!” How many times have you and your friends screamed that in terrible delight? We have Tommy Wisseau to thank for such a treasure. Comedian Zach Olsen (UCB, Bay Watch Watch podcast) comes on to talk about his love for “The Room”, a 2003 independent drama written, directed, produced by and starring Tommy Wisseau. Cassi and Zach also take a field trip to the movies before the recording to see “The Disaster Artist”. Spoiler alert: They loved it! (And will not spoil the film for you.) Instead Zach and Cassi get into what makes “The Room” so perfectly bad, how it got made and why Tommy Wisseau is so fascinating and strangely mysterious. It’s an episode guaranteed to make you want to watch “The Room” and quote Tommy’s lines and laugh all day. Enjoy!


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