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Dumb Nerds is a podcast hosted by comedian, Cassi Jerkins. Each week Cassi has a different funny guest on to talk about a smart topic they’re both too dumb for. The guest has the honor of picking a topic she or he is passionate about but is clearly no expert in. Topics range from Greek Mythology, Body Farms, How to Buy a House and so much more! Come learn with Cassi and friends! Or at the very least, laugh at how dumb these nerds are!


Astrology! What’s your sign, listener? Guest Hannah Faust (LA City Municipal Dance Squad, UCB Hot Hot Goss) explains astrology and goes deeper than what media has painted astrology to be. Hannah shows how you can use astrology to serve you, and also how to be one of those people who can accurately guess people’s signs. She also gives hot tips on great apps and books to learn more about astrology. Cassi manages to give Hannah an astrological epiphany on mid-life crisis and Hannah makes Cassi wonder if she’s a newer, baby soul. After some great astrology talk, Hannah whips out her tarot cards and pendulum and gives Cassi a tarot card reading. Surprisingly the cards read true to what’s going on in Cassi’s life and give warm, gentle advice on pushing forward. Cassi opens up a little bit but not too much, but give her a break, listener, she’s working on it! Enjoy this fun and more-personal-than-usual episode.

Shout out to Maddie.

43. Astrology and a Free Tarot Card Reading for Cassi with Hannah Faust

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