41. Cassowaries, the World’s Deadliest Bird with Jen Curcio


Did you know there’s a large bird with razor sharp claws that can kills humans? Oh yeah. It can cut up a human with ease. So whatever you do, don’t piss off a cassowary! Jen Curcio (Cara & Jen’s Sleepover Party) comes on to tell Dumb Nerds listeners about cassowaries, a bird native to Australia and the New Guinea islands. Even though they are capable of murder, these 6 foot tall majestic creatures are pretty gentle. Jen is fascinated by cassowaries and plans to one day go visit them. Before she gets to actually meet one, she has other ways to honor them like naming her car after one. You’re in good hands this week so sit back, relax and learn about this fascinating bird that is a descendent from dinosaurs!


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