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Dumb Nerds is a podcast hosted by comedian, Cassi Jerkins. Each week Cassi has a different funny guest on to talk about a smart topic they’re both too dumb for. The guest has the honor of picking a topic she or he is passionate about but is clearly no expert in. Topics range from Greek Mythology, Body Farms, How to Buy a House and so much more! Come learn with Cassi and friends! Or at the very least, laugh at how dumb these nerds are!


Get ready for an ep all about the Most Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland! Guest Eileen O’Connell (Skeeterial Podcast) comes on to talk all about her Disneyland experiences. Eileen dishes some secrets to make the most out of your Disneyland experience. Cassi chimes in to talk about what it why like to have Disneyland right in her backyard growing up and then living literally down the street from her in college where most of her friends worked at the park. Eileen and Cassi dive a bit into the history of Disneyland and how’s the park has changed and expanded over the years, along with the different Disney parks around the world. It’s an episode guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic and remember that Disney’s got theme parks on lock! (And everything else.)

39. The Best Bathroom in Disneyland & More Magical Secrets with Eileen O’Connell

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