38. DIY Deodorant & Veganism with Bozant Katzakian


What are your thoughts on Veganism? Could you completely give up the consumption of all animal products as best you can? This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, products tested on animals, etc. Vegan actor and improviser Bozant Katzakian comes on to talk about why he chose to go vegan 5 years ago, what it’s like to work on a Farm Sanctuary that protects its animals from being used for profit and tips for people wanting to make the lifestyle choice to go vegan and become an animal rights activist. Cassi and Bo also get into the history of veganism which dates back to the ancient times of Japan and India. They discuss when “Vegetarian Clubs” showed up in England during the 1800s and how artists like George Bernard Shaw influenced people to stop eating animals. Currently we are in the Vegan Boom of the 2010s. Just 15 years ago going to a restaurant as a vegan was nearly impossible, now there are vegan grocery stores and “butchers” in Europe. It’s only a matter of time before they make there way to the rest of the year. Will future people look back at us in disbelief over how we used to consume animals?


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