35. Nutrition and Hot Tips to Eat Yummy AND Healthy with Kenny Prawat


Did you our knowledge of nutrition is relatively new? Like Vitamin C wasn’t discovered until the 1930s! Guest Kenny Prawat (Crowning Jewels, io Sketch team “Jeff!”) and host Cassi Jerkins bond over their parents lack of nutritional knowledge and feeding them junk food as kids. For instance, remember when McDonalds had that $0.39 cheeseburger on Wednesday nights deal in the 90s? Yeah, that was dinner for these poor kids all the time. As Kenny and Cassi grew older they both developed an interest in cooking and from there they slowly learned which foods are healthy for you and why. (Hint: unprocessed food directly from the ground is the best). Kenny and Cassi also get into how food companies constantly use buzzwords to sell food. Buzzwords like “Fat Free”, “Organic” and “Gluten Free”. Kenny provides lots of tips on how to eat healthy and for cheap. He also has gives a PSA to the “youths” to stop ordering avocado toast at restaurants. Cassi can’t stop talking about her calorie tracker app. Enjoy!


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