32. What No One Tells You About Being Pregnant with Kelly Matten (Spoiler: It’s Really Weird!)


Pregnancy. Making, having, raising babies. Lots of animals do it! For decades, centuries, even longer than that! You get it. So what’s there to learn? Uh, so much! Artist and animator Kelly Matten joins Cassi to talk about her recent experience with being pregnant and having her daughter, Daisy. Kelly goes from making the decision with her husband, (shoutout to Dungeon Master and all around badass Lars!), to trying to conceive, getting pregnant but having to keep it a secret for 10 weeks, to dealing with being pregnant, to delivery to having to pause the recording with Cassi to put Daisy down for a nap. Kelly and Cassi get into what it’s like to be pregnant, why it’s such a sensitive and highly debated issue for mothers and potential-mothers-to-be, all the way to dealing with postpartum depression. Cassi, mother of cats, attempts to understand pregnancy by talking about octopuses. You’re guaranteed to learn something and get a fresh perspective on what Kelly says is the weirdest thing she’s ever done, and she’s been to Burning Man six times!


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