31. Cheers to that Hit TV Show “Cheers” with Matt Manser


How many of us are lucky to have a bar we frequent where everybody knows our name? How about for 11 seasons? Hilarious comedian and writer Matt Manser joins host Cassi Jerkins to talk about the hit TV show “Cheers”! Matt watched the show as a kid learning many adult issues from it. Matt and Cassi get into the different characters that created such a dynamic ensemble which lead to the popular spin off show, “Fraiser”. Cassi learns that Frasier was originally written for one of her favorite actors of all time, John Lithgow, but Lithgow turned it down giving Kelsey Grammer the most prominent role of his acting career. (Honorable mention to Sideshow Bob).

Cassi reflects upon John Lithgow’s career and her love for him a bit too long and Matt has to reel her back in. Matt tells Cassi about some of his favorite Cheers episodes which involve Cliff Clavin trying to write a joke for Johnny Carson and another where he almost wins “Jeopardy”. So pour yourself a beer and enjoy this week’s Dumb Nerds ep all about “Cheers”!

This episode is dedicated to the late Jay Thomas, Clara’s hockey playing boyfriend who got written off the show because Jay talked ill of Rhea Perlman on a radio show. RIP


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