3. Lucé Tomlin-Brenner & Quantum Physics


Today it’s our dumbest episode yet! Our guest is Lucé Tomlin-Brenner (producer for the Virgil’s “Radio Picture Show”, the Upright Citizens Brigade’s “Sun Valley” and Los Angeles improviser- Garbáge and Parker Posey). Lucé and Cassi try real hard to talk about quantum physics. You may learn something? But you’ll most likely laugh and shake your head at how dumb these two are. Lucé and Cassi start off by trying to go over a basic definition of quantum physics, then they take a look at the math. Yikes! Yep, all aboard the Dumb Train Express! Lucé and Cassi try not to give up too easy. Instead they try to understand quantum physics more by talking about thought experiments and interesting theories like Schrondinger’s Cat, the Spooky Effect, black holes and how the sun would still be as hot if it was made out of bananas. It’s some head-scratching, fun stuff! They also talk about Mrs. Doubtfire, the Simpsons and how we should all just be cool at parties. Enjoy!


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