29. Oooh Fancy! Wine & Cheese Pairings with Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery


The fanciest and longest episode yet! Guests Muriel Montgomery and Nick Casalini (Hella in Your Thirties Podcast) are a wonderful, married couple/talented comedians who moved to Los Angeles from Chicago three years ago. They all bond over their various day jobs of waiting tables while doing comedy at night. While Cassi worked tacky, chain restaurants like Denny’s and The Cheesecake Factory, Muriel and Nick worked at much cooler and classier places that included wine and cheese pairings!

Nick and Muriel teach Cassi how to properly open a bottle of wine at a table and how to tell a good bottle of wine from a disgusting bottle of wine that might have spider legs and squirrel parts in it. Yikes! Muriel and Nick then spoil Cassi by presenting delicious cheeses with different wines of various qualities to try and see which cheese pairs best with what type of wine. It’s a delicious, drunk, fun blast of an evening. Please drink and eat cheese along with us!


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