28. The Amazing, Empathetic Life of Oprah Winfrey with Naomi Villa


Oprah Winfrey has inspired and changed the lives of millions of people including today’s guest, Naomi Villa (Let’s Fall in Love Podcast, UCB). Naomi is a huge fan of Oprah; she grew up watching “The Oprah Winfrey Show” with her family. Host Cassi Jerkins and Naomi discuss how Oprah brought controversial, taboo topics to Naomi’s family along with the rest of America which lead to positive, healthy discussions of acceptance and empathy.

Naomi and Cassi also get into Oprah complex life of coming from a hard childhood of poverty and sexual abuse to being raised by her supportive grandma, discovering her talent for radio that lead to her TV show which lead to a magazine, a television network, a website, a podcast, book deals, a cruise to Alaska and so much more! Naomi and Cassi also discuss Oprah’s romantic relationships including Oprah briefly dating Roger Ebert and her friendship with Gayle King. Oprah is one of the most famous, successful people of our lifetime. Come find out why, you might walk away an Oprah fan! Enjoy!


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