27. Cleopatra, An Original Badass Nerdy Woman, with Katelyn Hempstead


How many badass things do you know about Cleopatra? Do you know how many languages she knew? How much she loved books? How she improved the economy and well-being of the Egyptian people? How she seduced Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome? Then later seduced Mark Antony, the new Emperor of Rome who overthrew Caesar? Do you know how Mark Antony and Cleopatra had a Secret Wine Club and would frequently get drunk and go out into the streets to prank Egyptians? Plus so much more crazy fun, nerdy facts about Cleopatra?! Guest Katelyn Hempstead (Lizard People) and Cassi Jerkins get into the amazing life of Pharaoh Cleopatra VII Philopator and how she was a badass, nerdy woman way ahead of her time! Katelyn tells Cleopatra’s life story while Cassi interjects with dark facts about what happens to a person if they get bit by an asp, a deadly snake. It’s always a fun time here on Dumb Nerds! Enjoy!


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