25. DOGS! with Jillian Dunn

DOGS! This episode is all about dogs! Actress, comedian Jillian Dunn joins us to talk about her experience growing up with parents who participate in dog shows, specifically with Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Dalmatians. She also talks about her sweet rescue, Gali, and gives tips on how to train your pet and read the body of language of dogs (and their owners). Cassi realizes her cat, Meemo, is the dominate one in her house. They also get into how scientists are studying the DNA of dog fossils in hopes of trying to figure out when and where dogs became domesticated. Results are all over the place and proving to be harder to pinpoint that anticipated. These are magnificent, wonderful creatures we are so lucky to have in the world. Enjoy! Woof woof


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A New Origin Story for Dogs by Ed Yong, The Atlantic


Ridgebacks & Friends