24. The Punk Rockstars of Classical Music with Rosie Leisure


Who were the original rockstars? Classical music composers. That’s right, Franz Liszt was the Elvis Presley of his time and created the rockstar entrance we all see today. He was also known to bob his head as he played making all the ladies go wild. Like Beatle mania wild. Women would literally throw themselves at him and try and rip his clothes off. Women would write him so many letter requesting a lock of his hair that Liszt got a dog with his hair color to clip the dog’s hair and send the locks to his adoring fans. Guest Rosie Leisure (Starburns editor, improviser) studied piano performance in college and talks with host, Cassi Jerkins, about the history and musical progression of classical music, along with dishing out some hot gossip about their rockstar, definitely STD-ridden lives. Learn about Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frêderic Chopin and more!


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