22. Dom Johnson & Romantic Comedies


Romantic Comedies? Do you love them or hate them? Guest Dominique Johnson loves them! From the predictable formula to the fights that reveal to characters their one-and-only true soulmate, rom coms to Dom are the best! Host Cassi Jerkins is cynical. She unveils how unrealistic these characters are and how they are problematic to our expectations of love. (Not to mention this whole conversation is very heteronormative.) Dom and Cassi get into romantic comedies like “When Harry Met Sally”, “Love Actually”, “Annie Hall”, “La La Land” and Dom’s favorite, “Serendipity”. Dom also shares his own real life meet cute with a girl reading a book in a bar and how when he sees an opportunity to turn a moment in real life into a scene from a romantic comedy, he takes it! (He’s done the boom box outside a girl’s house move before.) Meanwhile, Cassi discards the notion of soulmates and ponders if it’s even possible for people to have healthy romantic relationships. Enjoy!


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