20. Cory Webster & Intuitive Gifts (Psychic Abilities)


Do you have an intuitive gift? Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and/or claircognizance? These psychic abilities are also known as clear seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing. You ever have a dream only to see it realized in real life? Feel connected to your family and know when something is wrong with one of them? How about massaging corpses to learn about muscles to become a super masseuse? Improviser Cory Webster comes on to talk with host, Cassi Jerkins, about intuitive gifts. They even go through steps on how to harness your gifts! Steps like meditation, eating well, reading tarot cards, practicing psychometry, playing with Zener cards and talking to your pet. It’s another fun, dumb, nerdy ep. Enjoy!


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