2. Natalie Benedict & the Swedish Prison System


Today’s topic is the Swedish Prison System with guest Natalie Benedict (UCLA Film & TV; LA improviser- Chaz Dean & Parker Posey). These two nerds come to the table loaded with statistics and theories on why the Swedish prison system is schooling all other prison systems. For example the Nordic countries are closing down prisons while the United States is over-capacitated at 102%. In the US, 76.6% of released prisoners are re-arrested within 5 years of release. In Norway, 20% of released prisoners are re-arrested. This is the lowest recidivism rate in the world. What are they doing differently?! It’s fascinating. We also talk about why Norway’s mass shooter, Anders Behring Breivik, sucks and is a wrench in the Swedish philosophy on rehabilitation and their prison system. We also talk about India and Japan’s prison systems. Enjoy!


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